These 6 words can make a guy fall in love with you


What should you say to a guy to make him fall in love? Are there some magic words? In fact, all men are different, and there is no universal key for. The same phrase can make different effect on different men.


So there are no magic words. But there are techniques of conversation that can awaken a strong emotion in a young man. However, you need to use them skillfully.Today, we will do our best, in order to help you with it.

The majority of men are conquerors by nature, so, we can conclude that the less a guy knows about our feelings, the better. Therefore phrases like: “You are my one and only” in our case should not sound. However, you can hint that you are interested in him.

By the way, you should always remember about compliments. It raises their self-esteem and helps them to feel important and strong. So, don’t be shy and let them know that they look good. Make them feel pleased.YOU MAY LIKE

These are some important premises that can help you to seduce a man and to make him interested in you. However, this is far not the most important idea that we want to tell you. We just keep you intrigued the same way, as you should keep your men.

The title that we have chosen for this post is “These 6 words can make a man fall in love with you”. These words should be combined in 1 phrase that can provoke your man to falling in love with you. We bet that it will be very unpredicted.

If you want him to fall in love with you, you should just drop “Don’t fall in love with me”. That’s it. Really simple. You will sound unexpectedly and you will provoke your man to opposite actions. Believe it or not, but it works.

You should be unpredictable, as this phrase. However, remember that you should not manipulate. Don’t make someone fall in love with you, if you are not going to build relations with him. We have no right to break somebody’s heart.

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