Scientists Explains How You Can Find Your True Love, Using a Simple Mathematical Formula!


Is there anyone on this world who isn’t longing for love? Finding the perfect partner, no matter which type they are… but as we often hear, “True love is har to find”.


Has it ever occurred you that mathematics as a science could help you find your true love? Unbelievable statement. However, the findings are quite accurate and true!

explains how you can find your true love, using a simple mathematical formula!

Many human interactions have their patterns you could learn and discover by simply observing. Hannah states that “Patterns allow mathematicians to find formulas that can make you more successful during unpredictable events like falling in love and searching for the ideal partner.

This formula works because of something called the optimal stopping theory — basically, choosing the right time to act, to achieve the best possible results”.

According to the formula, if you want to marry before turning 35 years, you shouldn’t choose anyone that you’re dating in the starting 37% of the span of your dating life.

However, there’s always the risk that “the right guy” might actually be among those 37%, however, science proves that very long relationships don’t usually end up with marriage.

Would you care for some more mathematical advice?

Here are some of the most crazy, yet, truly amazing and true ones:

  • People who come to meetings and dates on time are better for partners, because they think about others more than themselves
  • People who wear comfortable shoes are optimistic, while those who prefer ankle boots are neurotic and don’t like changes in their life
  • If you’re attractive, it will actually be harder for you to find love through dating sites, because many applicants will actually consider the fact it’s not really you
  • 34% of people wait longer to hold hands in public

Have you already met the one you want to marry? Are you crazy in love together? Have you discussed the future, or you just don’t know how to start the “scary subject”? and if you’re married, what is your love story?

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