If He Does These 11 Things For You, Then He Really Does Like You


1. He makes you feel safe and protected.


He always does his best to make you feel safe in his presence. He gives you a sense of comfort. He makes you feel like you can just be your genuine self because he isn’t going to judge or criticize you. He isn’t going to do anything to make you feel unsafe. He isn’t going o do anything to make you feel insecure. He is always going to do his best to make sure that you know that you can always relax when you’re in his presence.

2. He tries his best to keep his promises to you.

He considers it to be of utmost importance that you have a good impression of him. He always wants to be in your good graces. And he knows that that all starts with him walking the talk. He needs to be able to live up to everything that he tells you. He considers it really important that you are able to trust him; that you are able to depend on him to deliver on his promises.YOU MAY LIKE

3. And if he fails to meet your expectations, he apologizes to you and becomes better.

He knows that he isn’t perfect. He knows that he isn’t always going to be able to meet your standards and expectations. And he is also humble enough to swallow his pride and apologize to you whenever he screws up. He knows that the only way e can get back into your good graces after a screw up is if he actually apologizes to you.

4. He supports you and all of your dreams.

He never makes you feel like you have to choose between him and your goals. He always does his best to support you; to make you feel that you have a partner who is always going to have your back even during the hardest moments of your life.

5. He makes you a priority in his life.

He will never make you feel like you are just another option; that he doesn’t take you seriously. He is always going to do his part in making sure that you feel like a genuine priority in his life. He won’t necessarily make you the center of his universe. But he’s going to do his part in ensuring that you don’t feel like you are overshadowed by anything or anyone else.

6. He values your time.

He doesn’t play games with you. He doesn’t deliberately waste your time. He doesn’t make you wait on purpose. He knows that your time is valuable and he is always going to respect that. He isn’t going to compel you to spend all of your time on him. He isn’t going to force you to neglect other aspects of your life just for him. And whatever time you do get to spend together, he always makes sure that it’s time well spent.

7. He makes an effort to really communicate with you.

He knows that the only way to really get close to you is if he makes an effort to communicate with you. He wants you to always know what’s on his mind. He’s always going to be honest with you so that you can get a better idea of who he is. He will always want to make sure that your relationship synergy is on point – and that all comes with having a strong communication game.

8. He does his best to impress you.

He always puts in the effort into trying to make you attracted to him. He ever grows complacent. He always wants to be a better man for you; the best possible version of himself for you.

9. He opens up about himself.

He has no problems with opening up to you. He really wants you to see who he truly is on the inside. He wants to be vulnerable with you because he knows that that is the only way he is ever going to get you to trust him. He wants you to be comfortable enough to open up to him as well – and he knows that that starts with him really being honest with you.

10. He really treats you like his genuine partner.

He doesn’t undermine or demean you in any way. He never treats you in a condescending manner. He never makes it seem like he’s someone who is above you. And he doesn’t pout you on a pedestal either. He doesn’t idealize your personality. He doesn’t pressure you into being someone you’re not. He sees you for who you are – as his genuine equal.

11. He introduces you to all of the important people in his life

You know that you aren’t someone who is just temporary to him when he starts to introduce you to the important people in his life. He is doing so because he considers you to be an important woman in his life as well.

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