Does Size Really Matter When You Love a Guy?


Does Size Matter?


Does size really matter? Absolutely not, yes or maybe! This is strictly based on individual decisions. Like guys who discus with their buddies the size of a woman’s breast or ass, women also discuss the size of a guy’s penis. Personally, it’s not how much you’re packing, but how you work with what you got, which includes using everything! This body appendage comes in different lengths and widths, but this is not the only way to satisfy your partner, so instead of focusing on how BIG or small he is why not focus on how WELL he’s able to please you? Sure…the majority of us would rather have a big d — — k, those who carry it and those who receive it, but is that all… that really matters? If you strictly seek someone for this reason, then you put unnecessary restrictions on potentially great relationships that could turn out to be a great opportunity to fall in love. Okay, well obviously, most people are not going to say I need to see the penis before I decide whether or not to pursue you… Well, at least most of us would never do this.

Men if you never had to question if you have enough…then great. I’m not a guy and cannot speak for men with a small penis, but it seems if this is the case you should make efforts to become an expert in other ways to deliver pleasure. If there is an ounce of uncertainty about your ability to satisfy a partner, why not take the initiative to be creative and most importantly TALK to them! Find out what they need sexually, if it’s not illegal or immoral, then be willing to at least try. Your sexual needs are just as important as their sexual needs, so both parties should be willing to compromise in order to maintain a faithful relationship moving forward.

Now, does size matter? Absolutely not, but your willingness to use and how you use everything you were given does! This is a personal preference to discuss with your partner. Use this blog topic to have an open conversation with your significant other or person of interest…providing it’s not too early in the relationship. We need to move away from “a bigger penis is better when it comes to sexual gratification” because that’s not always the case. There are so many other ways to please by use of tongue, hands/fingers, and/or adult toys. This allows an opportunity to explore fantasies with your honey, attend to their desires and fill a void if need be, while being safe and not stepping outside the relationship. A word to the wise…as adults if you decide to bring a third or fourth party into a sexual escapade someone must be prepared to address the repercussions that may ultimately ensue. It can be hard to maintain safety in the heat of passion, but make every effort to especially if this is an agreed option.

Have you ever worried about penis size? Comment below. Quick Tip: A big penis is so over rated and does not always equate to greater satisfaction. If you’re proud of what you have, learn to use what you got, size will not be a factor!

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