9 ways to look sexy


This summer, look and feel sexy whether you are at the office, at the beach or at a BBQ. Follows these tips to look sexy and confident this summer.

Sexy summer

Sexy at the office

Sleazy attire doesn’t belong in the office place. But there’s a line between sleazy and sexy. There’s nothing wrong with looking feminine and a tad sexy in the office.

1. Put on red lipstick

Though lipstick colors normally get lighter in the summer,  red lipsick is always feminine and sexy. In the office, don’t wear anything too glossy but a bold, true red is very nice.

2. Wear sexy lingerie

No one will see your  lingerie at the office, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it. There’s something about a frilly bra or sexy camisole that makes you feel just a bit more confident and powerful.

3. Add a little shine

Most metallic fashions should be reserved for the evening. However, you can add a little shine to your office wardrobe too with accessories. Diamond stud earrings or a metalic will provide a little glitz.

Sexy at the beach

Show off your sexy self at the pool or beach this summer. It’s not just about wearing a skimpy bikini.

Sexy woman in sunglasses

4. Wear oversized shades

Oversized sanglasess are trendy, sexy and mysterious. A woman in sunglasses is always alluring. They will also protect your eyes from the sun.

5. Choose a flattering swimsuit

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and every one of them can be sexy. Wear a that accentuates the positives will hiding figure flaws. If you are body-conscious, add a flowing sarong as a beach cover-up.

6. Put on a hat

Hats add major sex appeal. A big  in white or a bright color is sure to garner some attention. A hat will also protect your face from sun exposure.

Sexy at a summer party

If you are headed to a or other summer party, it’s a great opportunity to show off your sexy side to flirt and have fun.

7. Wear a dress

Sure, a BBQ is casual. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear shorts and a T-shirt. Instead, wear a cut an great pair of sandals.

8. Highlight your hair

Highlight or color your hair and make sure it’s in fabulous condition. Your hair will look gorgeous, glistening in the sunshine. There’s nothing sexier than a great head of hair.

9. Make eye contact and smile

Sexy isn’t all about beauty product and high end fashions. Charm and sex appeal can come from eye contact, a great smille and wonderful conversation. This summer, feel and look confident and sexy wherever you are!

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