7 romantic ideas to surprise your man in the bed


So … need to spice things up a little in the bedroom? Everyone needs to from time to time — everyone. This is a great “problem” to have for one big reason: Because it’s loads of fun to solve. Even if you’re not feeling the need to reignite passion, it’s still fun to mix things up just because. And one of the funnest ways to do that is to surprise your mate with something he just never saw coming — but definitely wanted. We looked at what men say they’re just dying for the women in their lives to try on them. Are you curious?



1. Initiate sex. I’m just saying — because with some couples, it’s always the guy who gets things started. If that’s you, switch the tables. When you have some quiet time alone, sidle up to him and fresh.

2. Go bottomless at home. Yes, this is something some guys want. I think going topless would also make for happy times. And for that matter, going totally nude for an evening would probably go over quite well. Naturally you’ll probably want to wait for a weekend when the kids are away.

3. Give him a blow job first thing in the morning. This is how a lot of guys (all of them?) would like to begin every morning, but let’s be realistic. If you’ve never surprised your guy with this treat you’ve probably never seen the happiest man alive on Earth. I jest — but seriously, happiest. And hey, most of the time half the work is already done for you, so to speak. Am I saying too much?

4. Start middle-of-the-night sex. Wake him up in the middle of the night — gradually and affectionately — and have sex. But don’t do this if your mate hates being woken up from his dearly beloved sleep time for any reason.

5. Have silent sex. I don’t know how chatty you are during sex? But if you’re used to negotiating it all verbally this can be fun. Do that sexy “shhh!” thing where you place your fingers on his lips, and then just take over.

6. Wear costumes. YES, it’s cheesy. But it’s fun. Dress up as a slutty maid, flight attendant, Swedish milk maid, Joan from Mad Men, whatever you’ve noticed him noticing. Wear something outlandishly provocative to see how he reacts. Maybe just a boa? And if he bursts out laughing you laugh, too, and just make it light. Don’t take this one too seriously.

7. One little ice cube. Blindfold your guy (er, you could just go with that and skip the rest, but anyway …), make him lie down, and run an ice cube s-l-o-w-l-y all over him. Don’t linger too long because ice burns. Or — let him do the ice cube on you.

What’s your favorite way to surprise your man in bed?

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