5 Annoying Things Women Do In front Of Their Men!


The greatest benefit of being in a pure, meaningful relationship with someone is gaining that level of comfort that only time and experience can provide. Along with that here come some behaviors that should be off-limits, no matter how deep and pure the relationship is. It’s not about like passing gas or waxing your upper lip. Women can impress you with their looks, their charm and fashion sense. Some can be too concerned about how they act in front of men and just end up acting like someone they are not. Others have no boundaries when it comes to the inappropriate.


There are some downright nasty things that should be kept private. Take a look at these 5 annoying things that women still do in front of their men.

1. Pop Pimples
The first thing that comes to mind when you look into the mirror and see a pimple on your face is to pop it. Fight back and take control, those inside voices keep saying. Those inside voices sometimes get the better of us and we go wild to get that satisfying feeling of removing that pimple.

Some women push the boundary and would pop the biggest pimples in front of any men they are attracted to. Most men will always associate certain women with popping pimples and it has always been like that for a very long time.

2. Picking Nose
Did your parents not teach you to use a tissue when your nose is getting a little stuffy? The sight of a woman digging around for gold in their nostrils is not the most attractive site, especially for a guy you are trying to impress because it comes off as impolite.

Everyone picks their nose or has picked their nose at some point. Some women don’t even hide it and just go all out on their nose digging for the biggest golden nugget. But it takes another level of courage to do that in front of a guy.

3. Fart in front of their men
There are specific places where releasing gases can be considered funny and hilarious. But letting one rip on a date is considered a no-go zone. This too goes for some guys who think it is impressive or funny to fart in front of a girl. Just in case you didn’t know, you need to keep it to yourself.

No one wants to hear it or even worse, smell it. With a long-term partner, it might be okay occasionally but don’t make it a habit. It might be natural but very distasteful.

4. Pick their panties
It doesn’t matter if you are wearing your most comfortable pantie because chances are that you might still get wedgies without even noticing. The matter is how you can get yourself out of a wedgie situation? No one wants to see you dancing around trying to pick a wedgie.

If you are feeling uncomfortable and you are in front of a guy, excuse yourself and take care of it in the bathroom. If you think it’s okay to yank at your pantie in front of a guy, an embarrassing nickname to be given to you and it will not be a good one.

5. Complain About their periods
Girls shouldn’t be ashamed of the natural processes taking place within their bodies. Most guys know the struggle of womanhood taking place that one week of every month. If you are lucky, some guys will even bring you chocolate and ice cream on that certain “period” of the month.

If you are getting to know a guy, don’t give too much information on this particular subject. Bring it up if you may but just be aware that most guys don’t really understand the process and don’t want to hear all the details.

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