10 Ways To Know The Woman You Are With Is Wife Material


10. A woman who takes care of herself. We’re not just talking about the way she presents herself. This is someone who values her health and does so because she respects herself. She’s putting in the work to live a healthy life, and that’s the kind of person you can spend a full one with.


9. She’s opinionated. Don’t agree just for the sake of it. A woman who challenges you can connect to you mentally along with the physical and emotional stuff. Will it lead to a few fights? Sure, but those are bound to happen. If she stands her ground, that’s crucial, because it’s the kind of thing she’ll do against you, but also do in favor you.

8. A woman who doesn’t put up with your BS. Some guys (and girls) can have self-righteous attitudes. They tend to do dumb things from time to time. Wifey material is the girl who doesn’t take that kind of stuff lying down. She needs to keep you grounded and remind you of what’s important.

7. Your futures line up. Different life plans are fine for flings. Not marriage. If you want to have kids, but she doesn’t, then it probably won’t work. If she wants to travel the world, but you want to remain home, it probably won’t work. If one of you gives up something to make it work, you may end up resenting each other for it.

6. A funny woman. Find a woman who makes you laugh. For a long-term relationship to be successful, there should be laughter coming from both ways.

5. She’s supportive. You need a woman who has your back, while also believing in you. She’ll cheer you on as you chase your dreams because she knows you’re good enough to succeed. Avoid a woman who puts down your ideas.

4. She has her own life. This is crucial to search for. You don’t want a woman who has to rely on you for everything. Being together non-stop can be hazardous to a relationship. Get a woman who is comfortable in her own life and doesn’t need to rely on anyone else to be happy.

3. Your friends like her and vice versa. A trait that is more important than you might think is a woman who gets along with your friends. You can’t abandon your friends for your new girl. Well, you can, but it’s not cool. Therefore, find a girl who gets along with your friends. You want to keep both in your life, so make sure they play nice.

2. She’s kind, caring, and considerate. As much as this list tells you to go for the strong-willed women, those can also be the kindest. Don’t marry someone who is mean-spirited or rude. A woman who will take care of you because she loves you is so important.

1. You love her. Marry her because you love her. Not for any other reason. Not to make your family happy, not to say you’ve done it, not for money. Marry someone you love. The person you want to spend eternity with needs to be someone you’d choose above everyone else.

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