10 reason why men cheat


Cheating. It might be a dirty word in relationships, but there’s no doubt it’s a common one. Try as we might to avoid temptation, and at the same time, avoid partnering up with those who give in to it, there’s just no guarantee on monogamy — and there’s no greater betrayal than finding out your husband is cheating. Though women cheat too, men seem to own the cheating space making us all wonder why — why do they do it and why is it more talked about? To figure out why infidelity in marriage and cheating on your partner is still as common as ever, we turned to the experts. Read on for some of the top reasons why your husband may be having an affair, according to 15 different experts on the subject.

  •  Thinkstock1 of 15 Why do men cheat: ImmaturityIn an article for P.T. therapist and author Robert Weiss cites immaturity as one of the leading “real reasons” men cheat. Weiss notes that while he’s heard some creative reasoning from cheaters over the years, those tend to be justifications masked mostly in denial.

    Getting to the real reasoning, Weiss claims that when someone has little background in long-term relationships, their understanding of the consequences behind behaviours such as cheating might be limited. With a lack of maturity in the realm of adult-relationships, someone might not be able to understand the scope of their actions in relation to their partner, often believing there might be room for fluidity in their responsibility to be faithful.

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